[Update: March 28, 2018]


When operating SAKURA Cloud via API, it is necessary to create an API key in advance from the control panel. This section explains procedures for creating a new API key and editing an existing key.

Creating a new API key & Editing existing keys

In order to create or edit an API key, a user with a SAKURA Internet member ID or authority for creating an API key must log in to the control panel. After login, select [API Key] from the menu on the left.

API keys are created for each account. A list is displayed showing accounts for which the currently logged-in user has authority for operating an API key. Click the account for which you want to create a new API key or edit the existing API key.

A list is displayed showing API keys already created for the account. To create a new key, click the [Add] button at the top of the list. If you want to edit or delete settings from an API key that has already been created, click the desired API key from the list.

Create new

At the create new screen, input information into each form as shown below.

Type of API key (*required) For the type of API key to be created, select either an API key for operation of normal resources or an API key for :doc: Single server control panel </controlpanel/singleserver>.
Name (*required) Assign an easy-to-understand name in order to distinguish the API key.
Explanation Enter an explanation for API key usage, etc.
Access level (*required) Set the access level.
*For details, please refer to :doc: Access level </controlpanel/access-level>.
Access permission for other services Insert a check into this checkbox when it is necessary to access services other than SAKURA IaaS.
*For details, please refer to :doc: Access level </controlpanel/access-level>.

After entering information, click the [Create] button at the top or bottom of the screen.

After creation, the details screen for the API key is displayed. At the screen, you can check information such as the access token used for operation via API.

See also

The screen shown here is for when the API key type is “Resource operation API key.” Some access level specifications and settings for link destination servers will differ when the type is “Single server API key.” For details, please refer to :doc: Single server control panel </controlpanel/singleserver>.


From the list, click an API key that has already been created to display the same details screen as after creating an API key. If you want to change the name or access level, edit the form contents and then click the [Save] button to make changes. If you want to delete the API key, click the [Delete] button.

Display QR code

Click the [Display QR Code] button at the API key details screen to display an image of access token and the text string for the access token secret. The image can be displayed in JSON format after being converted to a QR code.

The content of each field is as follows.

  "accountId": "アカウントID",
  "accessToken": "アクセストークン",
  "accessTokenSecret": "アクセストークンシークレット"

*QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.