Auto Backup

[Update: May 9, 2019]

Information about Auto Backup.


Auto Backup is a function to automatically produce an archive from the disk of a virtu-al server operated in SAKURA Cloud on a regular basis. A produced archive serves as a backup for disk data that has been accumulated prior to archive production, and can be used for restoring the disk to the state of when the archive was produced.


最小バックアップ期間 1日 (1日内のバックアップ実行時間は設定不可)
最大世代管理数 10世代
ソースディスクに指定可能なディスクの最大容量 1TBディスクまで
1アカウント当たりの最大設定可能数 5 (全ゾーン共通)


Based on the target disk’s capacity, each time an Auto Backup is activated the following fees apply..(Archives created after backup are billed separately.)

Backup target disk size 料金(税抜)
20GB JPY 3
40GB JPY 5
60GB JPY 7
80GB JPY 9
100GB JPY 11
250GB 25円
500GB 50円
750GB 75円
1TB 100円


There is no charge for backup failure due to exceeding resource limits, etc.

Fees are incurred only upon completion of creation. Therefore, if backup finishes the day following the day specified for Auto Backup, fees will be incurred on said following day.

Setting method

Method for setting Auto Backup in the control panel.

Select Auto Backup from the menu on the left, and then click Add on the upper right.


Auto Backup settings will be listed here.

Function details

Function details applicable to Auto Backup will be described for each item to be set

Archive source

Specify a disk for producing an archive.

Backup interval

Specify the archive production day(s). By selecting Every Day, all days of the week will be selected.


You can specify names, etc. in Auto Backup settings.

Generation management

Flow of generation management

The folowing is an example of settings Generation management: 2 generations back-up data are created every day.

With the above settings, two generations of archives will be retained.

When the latest archive is obtained, the archive of two generations prior will be delet-ed.

Start time of backup data production

An archive will be produced within the 24 hours of the specified day of the week.

Mechanism for generation change

The blue section represents the time of production of the third-generation (new second-generation) archive. Charging begins when an archive production in complete, and so charging is not conducted for the blue section. The first-generation archive is deleted when the third-generation (new first-generation) is produced. The fee for the new first-generation archive is charged upon the completion of the previous first-generation’s deletion.

Auto Backup and Archive Management settings

Confirmation of Auto Backup settings

Resource ID can be confirmed by accessing the Auto Backup Details page and then selecting the Information tab. The red-framed section represents the Auto Backup Resource ID as well as part of the tag given to the archive produced with Auto Backup.

Confirming an archive source

The disk where the archive has been produced can be confirmed by clicking the Archive Source tab.

Confirming archives produced with Auto Backup

Access the list through the Auto Backup Details page and then click the Archive tab.

Archives with the tag autobackup-xxxxxxxxxxxx have been produced with Auto Backup. xxxxxxxxxxxx is the Auto Backup Resource ID confirmed through the Auto Backup Details page followed by the Information tab.

Protecting an archive from generation management

By deleting the tag autobackup-xxxxxxxxxxxx from an archive, the archive will no longer be subject to generation management and deleted automatically.

Changing settings and names

Go to the Auto Backup Details page, click the Information tab, then Edit on the bot-tom right.

You can change Name, Explanation, Tag, and Icon.

Procedure for cChanging Auto Backup settings

Select Modify Auto Backup Settings at the upper right ot the Auto Backup Details page.

You can change Backup Interval and Generation Management.

Event log

Creation of a disk archive via Auto Backup is recorded in the Event Log. For details, please refer to the Event log page.


  • Auto Backup will commence at random within the 24 hours of each specified day of the week. It is not possible to select the timing of Auto Backup within the said 24 hour period.
  • For archives produced through Auto Backup, a fee is charged from creation completion until deletion. *We will not charge for an archive whose status is Failed.
  • It is impossible to restore files from an archive.
  • Even in a situation where a server is stopped or a disk is disconnected from the server, if there is a target disk, Auto Backup will proceed according to the settings.
  • As the produced archive is not guaranteed to be backed up completely, please confirm restoration.
  • We do not recommend you to use Auto Backup for disks where disk I/O occurs fre-quently like a DB server.
  • If Auto Backup is deleted, archives with the ID autobackup-xxxxxxxxxxxx will be excluded from the target range of generation change.
  • When a source disk is deleted via API, Auto Backup settings for that disk are also de-leted automatically. (Deletion will take several minutes and will not be recorded in the event log.)
  • If Auto Backup is not conducted by the system within the 24 hours of a specified day, that day’s backup may be skipped.
  • Up to five Auto Backup settings can be created for each account (The total number of zones will not exceed five.)