[Update: December 21, 2017]

This page explains the cloning function of the appliance for the database.


This is a function to replicate the created database appliance including the database con-tents and settings. It will be possible to clone a database created in the actual environment and use it in the development environment, and vice versa.
At this time, you can upgrade your database plan as needed.

Usage procedures

The following illustrate two procedures for cloning.

Creation through the Clone button on the Details screen

Select Database from the menu on the left and double-click the database to be cloned.

Click the Clone button located on the upper right.

Fill in the required fields, and click Create on the bottom right.

Creation from the Add Appliance screen

Select Database from the menu on the left, and click Add at the upper right of the screen.

Produce a database by selecting a source from the Clone Source Database.

Detailed information

A database produced through cloning becomes effective after the original database’s backup data has been copied and rewritten, based on the latest backup data. If the source data-base appliance has no backup data, a new empty database will be created.

It is possible to upgrade your plan at the time of cloning. Example: It is possible to up-grade from a 10GB plan to a 30GB plan or higher. It is not possible, however to clone from a 30GB plan to a 10GB plan.

DB administrator’s information (administration password, user account, and user pass-word of the source database) are inherited from the source database.

Restriction on the DB versions at the time of cloning

The version of the database engine provided by the database appliance is indicated as follows, for both PostgreSQL and MariaDB.


X.Y indicates the major version and Z indicates the minor version. When cloning, select either the same major version of the current database engine or the higher-level major version provided by SAKURA Cloud.

Example: If the database engine being used has the version PostgreSQL 9.4, select ei-ther PostgreSQL 9.4 or PostgreSQL 9.6 as the version.


For PostgreSQL, backups saved in binary format cannot be transferred to higher-level engines. When using a binary backup, select the same major version, even after cloning. Save type can be confirmed through the Backup tab.