[Update: July 18, 2017]

This page explains the maintenance of the database (appliance).

1. Overview

For the database (appliance) provided in Sakura Cloud, we provide a function for maintenance, enabling the customer to apply revisions of the administration/management soft-ware version on the appliance side and changes in the appliance specifications at any time. When management software is updated, the database engine will be restarted, and possibly the database will be temporarily inaccessible. In this stuation, customers can select time of update.

2. Procedures

Overview of maintenance

Users will be notified via the control panel of database appliance maintenance that will require restarting the database engine as well as the time frame during which users are expected to perform maintenance. When finished, administration software will be updated by our compa-ny at a predetermined time.

Confirmation of items to be maintained

Items to be maintained can be confirmed from the cloud’s control panel. For each data-base (appliance) requiring an administration software update, an There Is a New Update alert will appear. Please select an appliance with this alert and proceed to the Details screen.

Maintenance methods

By accessing the Details screen of a database (appliance) requiring the update of admin-istration software, the Execute Maintenance button will appear at the upper right of the screen. Review the content of the alert window and click Execute.

By selecting Execute Maintenance, backup data will be acquired automatically. Once backup data acquisition is complete, administration software will be updated.


Maintenance Information

SAKURA Cloud’s maintenance notices will be posted on the following page. Please re-view and conduct maintenance at your preferred time before our company’s maintenance date.

List of information on the maintenance and fault of SAKURA Cloud