Appliance operation basics

[Update: May 15, 2019]


An appliance is a virtual device possessing particular functions created by combining a server and software with specified settings. You can create a server at the customer side and im-mediately use the desired functions without the hassle of setting up the OS or installing soft-ware.

Appliances currently provided are as follows.


The following operations can be performed at all appliances.

Create new/manage

An appliance can be selected from the Appliance category on the left-hand side of the control panel.


As with servers and disks, appliances are created in the selected zone. When creating a new appliance or operating a pre-existing appliance, please note the zone display in the Zone Selection menu located at the top-left of the control panel.

Power operation

An appliance can be operated like a server. After selecting the target appliance, choose the desired operation from the Power Operation menu at the top of the screen. For details, please refer to the Power operation page.

Update settings

For load balancers and VPC routers, the Settings screens at the control panel span over several locations. It is therefore necessary to update the appliance’s setting change. Please be sure to click the Apply button after changing settings.

FAQ and answers

For questions or concerns regarding appliance items, please refer to our FAQ page.