SendGrid (email delivery service)

[Update: October 3, 2017]

This page explains the email delivery service “SendGrid.”

1. Overview

The mail distribution service “SendGrid” developed by SendGrid, Inc. of the United States and provided by Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. is a system for processing a large amount of mail within a short period of time and incorporate functions for “delivering emails without fail” including domain authentication and automatic processing of undelivered mail. Sakura Cloud provides SendGrid free of charge under the “Special Plan for Sakura Cloud Users

“Special Plan for Sakura Cloud Users” is a service capable of delivering up to 25,000 emails per month (a 13,000 email increase from the regular plan of 12,000 emails/mo.) This is made available only to accounts that have signed up via the SAKURA Cloud Control Panel.

2. Features of SendGrid

The costly operation of MTA is required in order to establish and maintain email infra-structure, ensure security, keep emails deliverable, and so on. These costs can be reduced by us-ing SendGrid’s email infrastructure.

Reliable email delivery

We offer a number of functions to improve mail deliverability, including domain authen-tication and automatic processing of undelivered emails.


Almost all functions can be used via API, facilitating automation and linkage with other systems.


Real time analysis is possible for delivery status and other activities including opening of emails, click rate, etc.

3. How to use

The “Special Plan for Sakura Cloud Users” will become available, free of charge upon registration through the SAKURA Cloud Control Panel.

Kozo Keikaku Engineering will review registration details. When complete, you will be notified by email, and the service will become available.

4. Cautions

There are the following cautions for use.

  • The “Special Plan for Sakura Cloud Users” is available only to accounts that have signed up for SendGrid via the SAKURA Cloud Control Panel. Even if you already have a SendGrid account be sure to sign up again via SAKURA Cloud. Please note that, regardless of SAKURA Cloud user status, accounts created after registering as a new member of SendGrid will not receive benefits.
  • In addition to an account for SAKURA Cloud, it is necessary to create a separate ac-count for SendGrid.
  • “For how to use SendGrid, please refer to “Introduction to SendGrid—Sending emails.”
  • It is not possible to integrate SendGrid and SAKURA Cloud usage fees. Email delivery service fees will be charged by SendGrid’s official distributor in Japan, Kozo Keikaku Engineer-ing, Inc.
  • SAKURA Cloud coupons cannot be used toward SendGrid usage fees.
  • There is no expiration for the “Special Plan for Sakura Cloud Users”. By registering for SendGrid via SAKURA Cloud, you can use the Free plan of up to 25,000 emails/mo for an un-limited period.
  • SAKURA internet does not offer customer support for SendGrid. Please direct all inquir-ies to SendGrid’s official distributor in Japan Kozo Keikaku Engineering, Inc. Support.
  • Before using SendGrid, please review the Terms of Service.
  • We will not offer setting services on your behalf.