[Update: December 12, 2018]


The dashboard function allows you to view billing and resource usage of a selected account. This function is useful for comparison with previous fees, comparing the number of resources for each zone, etc.

Dashboard screen access

Click Dashboard on the Home screen, and then select a target account from the pop-up menu.

The Dashboard screen will appear.


By selecting another account from the Account Selection menu while the dashboard is displayed, you can also display the dashboard for that account.

Screen details

The following is a list of items that will be displayed on the Dashboard screen.

1.前日までのご利用料金 Displays usage fees for the current month. The displayed amount is the sum of charges accrued until the previous day.
2.過去のご利用料金 Your usage fee history (monthly billing amount) will be displayed. When the billing alert function has been set, the alert threshold will be indicated with a red line.
3.前日までの契約リソース一覧 The number of resources for the account you specified will be displayed by zone and service. For services not included in any zones, only the total will be displayed.


If Usage fees up until the previous day is larger than 0 yen, click the amount to display the Billing Information screen.

For pre-existing contracts, by click the number of resources each Resource List screen will be displayed

For services not included in any zones, click the total number to display each Resource List screen.


  • Usage fees and the number of resources are displayed in conjunction with billing system, information. Aggregation occurs daily at midnight with information displayed.
  • ダッシュボード画面を参照するためには、ユーザーに請求情報の閲覧権限が付与されている必要があります。詳細は アクセスレベル のページを参照ください。