Control panel basics

[Update: December 13, 2018]

General outline including basic operation of the SAKURA Cloud control panel <>`_

1. Overview

With Sakura Cloud, customers can create/delete servers and disks, configure virtual networks, and perform all other operations. This section outlines basic operating methods for the control panel, one of the interfaces available to users.


お客様の操作はコントロールパネルの他、REST方式によるAPIを使用することが可能です。詳しくは API ドキュメント を参照ください。

2. Login

Within SAKURA Cloud,

  • ログイン画面でのユーザ認証
  • and account selection

have to be performed before proceeding to the home screen where you can move to the each function’s operation screen.


アカウントはリソース操作時の作業空間の名称です。用途や管理ユーザに応じて複数作成することが可能です。詳しくは ユーザ・アカウント機能 のページを参照ください。

Login screen

ログイン画面 ではさくらのクラウドを操作する権限があるユーザであるかどうかを認証・識別し、以降の画面では適切な権限が付与された状態でコントロールパネルの操作が可能となります。

The following two types of users will be able to log in.

◼ Log in as SAKURA internet member

  • Log in with your member ID and password
  • Sakura Cloud Control Panel grants administrative authority allowing you to perform all operations.
  • パスワードの設定、変更は さくらインターネット会員メニュー にて行えます。

◼ Log in as SAKURA Cloud user

  • Log in with a user code, member ID, and password assigned to that user
  • User settings can be specified at :ref: User/account function <user-account> by users with administrative authorization.

and account selection

If login is successful, you can select a created account according to the level of authorization granted to the user.


For details on accounts, please refer to the :ref: User/account function <user-account> page.

3. Home screen

The home screen will display the following information: links to functions provided by SAKURA Cloud, Settings menus common to each function such as user and account, as well as cloud failure and maintenance information.

The following are functions that can be operated from the home screen.


Operations may be restricted according to the authorization assigned to the logged-in user.

Left menu

The following operations can be performed from the menu on the left. By clicking on an item the corresponding function screen will be displayed on the right.

Service Displays a links to service screens provided by SAKURA Cloud, such as IaaS and web accelerator.
Dashboard 前日までのご利用料金、過去のご利用料金、前日までの契約リソース一覧が表示されます。
詳しくは ダッシュボード を参照ください。
詳しくは ユーザアカウント機能 を参照ください。
API key You can perform required API operations such as add/delete API key.
For details, please refer to :ref: API key <apikey>.
Two-factor authentication ログイン時の安全性を高めるための2段階認証設定画面を表示します。
詳しくは 2段階認証 を参照ください。
Event log You can view the history of control panel operations and alerts.
For details, please refer to :ref: Event log <eventlog>.
Billing information You can confirm billing amount for each set account.
For details, please refer to :ref: Check usage fees <invoice>.

Upper menu

  • Language selection: From the control panel you can select either Japanese or English (including the beta version and some untranslated sections).
  • Logging out: Click the logout button to exit the control panel and return to the login screen.

Lower menu

  • Feedback: Click to report trouble or other issues with the control panel.

Click to display a dialogue box. Select Report Trouble to continue to the feedback screen

During feedback, identify problems in the control panel by dragging the mouse.

Click the preview button to capture an image of the browser screen and display an error report form. If the image is not required you can uncheck the box at the top of the screen and the image will not be sent to our company.

  • Sound: You can turn on/off the sound function for notification of processing such as when adding/deleting resources is complete, set the volume, and test playback.
  • Information: You can check the communication status between the control panel and the API server by clicking the | information-italic | button.

From the ▼ menu on the right of each operation list, you can view the content of specific JSON format requests/responses.

4. SAKURA Cloud (IaaS) operation screen

The following functions can be used at all SAKURA Cloud (IaaS) screens.

Top menu

At the top of the control panel screen, menus that can be used throughout the SAKURACloud control panel are displayed regardless of the zone or function selected.

  1. Zone selection menu: The currently selected zone’s name will displayed. Click to switch the zone which you want to operate.

*For information on the Sandbox zone, please refer to :ref: This page <sandbox>.

  1. Reload button: Refreshes the screen. Try clicking this button if the information is not updated after each operation.
  2. Resource search form: From the selected zone, search by name, description, or other resource information. Click the Search icon to display a list of all resources in the selected zone.
  1. Option screen button: Displays a screen for specifying control panel settings. Click the button to display a submenu from which the following operations can be performed.
License WindowsプランやSophos UTMのサーバ利用時、リモートユーザ用の追加ライセンスなどの追加・削除操作が行えます。
Windowsサーバへのリモートデスクトップ・Officeライセンスの追加は リモートデスクトッププラン 、 Sophos UTMへの保護対象追加用ライセンスについては Sophos UTM をそれぞれ参照ください。
Discount passport サーバの長期利用時に割引優遇される割引パスポートの購入が行えます。
詳しくは 割引パスポート を参照ください。
Resource manager Displays the Resource Manager Settings screen - a tool to create/update/delete resources as well as manage various resources on SAKURA Cloud via template.
For details, please refer to :ref: Resource manager <resource-manager>.
Dedicated host 仮想サーバを起動するホストサーバをお客様が1台専有利用可能な専有ホストサービスの管理を行えます。
詳しくは 専有ホスト を参照ください。
Settings agent お客様に代わり弊社が各種設定を代行して実施するサービスです。
現在はSophos UTM向けに提供しています。詳しくは 設定代行サービス を参照ください。
Public key ディスク修正機能 を使用し、ディスクに書き込む公開鍵をここで管理することができます。
詳しくは 公開鍵認証 を参照ください。
Script After creating a server, the script will be automatically executed at the time of startup. You can manage the script being used via the Startup Script function that automates server setup.
For details, please refer to Startup script.
Icon クラウド内で作成された各リソースに設定するアイコン画像の管理をすることができます。
詳しくは アイコン を参照ください。
Coupon 利用料金の割引などが受けられるクーポンコードを登録することができます。
詳しくは クーポンの利用 を参照ください。
Email address クラウドの障害などで弊社からお客様に連絡する際の送信先となるメールアドレスをここで管理することが可能です。
詳しくは 緊急連絡用メールアドレス を参照ください。
  1. Help screen display button: A pop-up box with information related to the displayed function will appear on the screen (Note: some functions are not supported.).
  2. Screen change/logout button: Displays the current login member ID and account name. Clicking this button will display a menu from which you can switch to a different account, move to the home screen, and log out. (By selecting Change to beta version, you can immediately try out the beta version’s control panel screen equipped with new functions that are being developed in the updated version. When the beta version becomes available, notification will be sent via cloud news, etc.)

List display

A list of created resources for each function shown in the menu on the left (e.g.,servers and disks) will be displayed.

  1. Display number of created resources: Displays the number of created resources as well as the maximum number of creatable resources.
  2. タグ選択リンク: 各リソースに タグ を設定している場合、それぞれのタグをクリックすることでタグごとに絞り込むことができます。
  3. Search form: Search for resources using information such as the resource name, description, etc. Hover over the “?” button on the right side of the form to display the notation for a refined search, based on specific details.
  4. List field: It is possible to switch the sorting order for each resource attribute. Displayed items differ for each resource type.
  5. チェックボックス: 電源操作や削除など、複数のリソースを対象に一括して操作する場合にチェックします。最上段のチェックボックスをチェックするとすべてのリソースがチェック、またはチェック解除されます。

Clicking the star-shaped icon (or assigning the “starred” tag) causes an item to be displayed at the top of list. This is useful for highlighting important resources.

Select a server and click the NIC tab in order to display a list of NIC loaded on that server. Right-click the list display area or click the ▼ icon on the right to display menu of related option screens.


For details related to server NIC operation, please refer to :ref: Create/delete NIC <server-nic>.

Click the Copy icon on the right to copy the IP address, gateway, etc., from the NIC list screen to the clipboard of the device currently operating the control panel.