[Update: February 25, 2016]

This page explains internationalization in SAKURA Cloud.

1. Overview

SAKURA Cloud is in the process of internationalizating various interfaces and documents including the control panel. On this page, we will show you how to switch the display language of the interface and link to the corresponding document for each language.


Currently, interfaces and documents in languages other than Japanese are provided in the beta version however still some sections of various documents written in Japanese may not yet be translated. Please contact us via the Feedback button at the bottom right of the control panel with any issues or concerns regarding translation.

2. Control panel

From the control panel’s language section menu, you can switch from the default to the language of your choice.

The following languages are currently available.

  • Japanese
  • English

To switch the display language, go to the language selection menu at the top right of the home screen’s Service Selection screen.

*The default language differs according to priority established in the Web browser’s language settings.
*Language settings changes are saved in the browser.
*All new material will be published first in Japanese with translations provided as possible. We thank you for your patience.

Non-internationalized functions and services

At this moment, the following functions/services are offered only in Japanese and will be displayed in Japanese at all times even when another language has been selected.

In the IaaS control panel

● Detailed billing statement/price list

Object storage

● Not supported in all areas.

Web accelerator

● Not supported in all areas.

3. Other

  • Currently other tools provided by SAKURA Cloud do not offer internationalized language support.
  • Various documents or websites do not offer internationalized language support.