[Update: October 17, 2018]

1. Overview

You can set easy-to-understand icons for resources such as servers and disks created on SAKURA Cloud. SAKURA Cloud has prepared in advance several icons for displaying the OS type, role, etc. You can also upload and use icons created by customers.

2. Managing user-generated icons

Manage icons from the Management screen displayed by selecting Icon from the submenu of the control panel’s Settings section.

If a user icon is already registered, a list will appear. Click Add to register a new icon.

At the screen for adding icons, you can input/specify the following settings.

  • Name input field: Enter icon name.
  • Tag input field: Assign a tag to the icon. By using tags, you can narrow down the display on the Icon List screen.
  • 「PC上の画像をプレビュー」ボタン: コントロールパネルを閲覧している端末内の画像を選択できます。または点線で区切られた「ここにファイルをドロップ」欄にドラッグ&ドロップすることでも可能です。
  • Preview Images on Web button: You can specify an image file by URL.
  • Edit screen: The screen selected using the preview button will be displayed. You can enlarge/shrink the screen as well as adjust the screen position.
  • Reselect button: Delete the image currently displayed in the preview.


Image formats that can be registered as icons are PNG and JPEG.

Click the Create button to register icons.


To delete a registered icon, select the checkbox on the left-hand side of the list and then click the Delete button at the top-right of the screen.

3. Using icons

Registered icons can be set from the Icon menu on the Create New Resource screen or Change Information screens.