Control panel login settings

[Update: November 11, 2015]

Logging in to the control panel.

Please refer to the corresponding pages for function details.

1. Function Overview

In the SAKURA Cloud control panel, you can create multiple users that are enabled only for management and operation of the “SAKURA Cloud” services, under one SAKURA internet member ID. This allows operation and management of SAKURA Cloud by multiple users while maintaining a single billing destination linked to a SAKURA internet member ID.

Furthermore, it is possible to create multiple “accounts” that serve as work spaces on the control panel enabling you to manage resources such as servers and disks for each service or project. You can set operation authorization levels granted to individual users for all accounts.

Each created user can log in independently of a member ID by filling in the Login as SAKURA Cloud User Login form on the login screen of the SAKURA Cloud control panel.

Additionally, safety can be enhanced against unauthorized login by setting Two-factor authentication.


2. Function details

Please refer to the following pages for the function details.