Single Server Control panel

[Update: March 28, 2018]

This section describes the single server control panel that can be operated individually for each server.

1. Overview

A single server control panel has a built-in function enabling operation for only one target server, issuing an API key for user login and granting administrator authorization to control each server individually.

Instead of outsourcing user account maintenance it is easier to use a single server control panel to provide an environment with the minimum required functions (e.g., console screen/power supply operations, etc.) and operating authority for the operation of a single server.

2. Specification

Single server control panel supports the following fuctions.

Function details Authorized operations
View resources ● Display server information (resource ID, name, plan, etc.)
● Display activity graph
Server operation ● Server/appliance power operation
● Server remote console operation

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The access levels that can be set for the API key differs from the standard API key, with only two tiers of Access Denied, temporarily disabling login and operations and Modify Settings where the above functions are authorized.

3. Issue API key


This section outlines the procedure for generating new API keys for the single server control panel. For information on creating/editing/deleting an API key for normal resource operation, please refer to :doc: API key </api/apikey>.

API for single server control panels requires the same administrator authorization (SAKURA internet member ID authentication) as normal resource operation API keys. Log in to the cloud control panel with your SAKURA internet member ID.

Select API Key from the menu on the left to display a list of created account codes. Select the account with the server that you want to manage through the single server control panel.

A list of API keys assigned to the selected account will be displayed. A Single Server API Key mark to the right of a list name indicates a single server control panel API key. To create a new API key, click Add at the top of the list.

An API key creation screen will be displayed.

Fill in the input form as follows.

API key type (*) Select Single Server API Key.
Name (*) Enter API key name.
Explanation If required, describe API key usage and purpose.
Access Level (*) ● Access Denied: control panel login and operation is denied
● Power Operation: full authorization of single server control panel
Linking destination server (*) Select zone and target server.

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

When the input form is complete, click Create to issue the API key. The following screen will display the API key access token and secret for single server control panel login with corresponding QR code button, as well as the single server control panel login button.

4. Control panel login settings

Users can log in by accessing the Single server control panel screen shown below and then entering the issued API key’s access token and secret.

After login, you will be directed to the single server control panel from which you can operate only one applicable server.

5. Cautions

  • When deleting the API key link destination server or changing plan, please delete or modify the corresponding API key. After a change of plan the system will not carry out automatic disablement or deletion according to server status, nor automatically switch to a new resource ID assigned to the server.
  • If an account that issued API keys is deleted, all API keys issued via the account will be simultaneously deleted.