FAQ and answers

[Update: November 28, 2018]

This section lists FAQ and answers regarding Secure Mobile Connect.

Regarding the contract

Can the service be used by individual members?

Currently, this service can only be used by corporate members. It cannot be used by individuals.

Can I register batches of 100 or more SIMs?

Our company will serve as an agent to perform registration. Please contact Support center.

What is the maximum number of SIMs that can be registered?

A maximum number of 10,000 SIMs can be registered for one account. If you need to register more than 10,000 SIMs, please contact Support center.

What is the maximum number of mobile gateways that can be created?

A maximum of 500 mobile gateways can be created for one account.

Technical items

Is communication between devices possible?

Yes, communication between devices is possible. Please specify settings at Mobile gateway settings screen.

I entered the wrong PIN and the SIM is locked.

You can release the lock by entering the PUK (Personal Identification Number Unlock Key). Please contact Support center.

Can the service be used overseas?

The service cannot be used overseas. It is only provided in Japan.

What is the area in which communication is possible?

Within the scope of the LTE network provided by the carrier selected by the customer

Is it possible to connect to the Internet from a closed network?

It is possible to connect to the Internet via a mobile gateway. (No fees are charged for traffic input/output to the Internet from a mobile gateway).

How many SIMs can be registered to a single mobile gateway?

A maximum of 10,000 SIMs can be registered to a single mobile gateway. If the IP address allocated to the SIM is the same as for the private network, there is the risk of an ARP storm occurring. Therefore, we recommend an upper limit of about 200 SIMs per mobile gateway.

Why is the line periodically disconnected?

According to specifications for this service, the session is disconnected if there is no communication for about one hour. This disconnection is due to factors such as carrier network specifications, the device being used, and the reception conditions. Therefore, if it is necessary to maintain a session for a long period of time, take special measures to prevent the session from being disconnected. For example, periodically send ping or keep-alive messages from the device to the customer server. Also, please note that carrier network specifications do not disclose the time until session disconnection or other detailed conditions.