[Update: April 18, 2018]

Troubleshooting related to settings and operation for Secure Mobile Connect.

SIM connection

I configured SIM for the device, but I am unable to connect.

Please check if the following settings have been specified.

  • Check whether or not Addition of SIM settings has been performed in the mobile gateway for the connection destination after Create SIM.
  • Check whether or not DNS server settings has been performed in a mobile gateway.
  • Check whether or not the [Update] button was pushed after changing settings for the mobile gateway.
    • If you are unable to connect even after clicking the [Update] button, try restarting the mobile gateway.
  • Check whether or not [International Roaming] has been enabled for the device into which the SIM is inserted.

Control panel operation

I failed to create a new mobile gateway.

This service is only available for corporate customers. Please check whether or not you are a corporate customer before using the service.