Mobile application

[Update: July 18, 2018]

This page explains functions, specifications, and usage methods for the SAKURA Cloud mobile application.


SAKURA mobile application is an application for managing SAKURA Cloud which operates via Android and iPhone (scheduled to be released soon). Even when at an outside location or other environment without a computer, you can use native applications that operate on Android or iPhone to easily manage servers via an interface that is optimized for the mobile environment.


The main functions of the SAKURA mobile application are listed below.

  • Display a list of servers in registered SAKURA Cloud accounts and manage each server (confirm the operation status and activity graph; operate power source)
  • Confirm usage fees up until the previous day
  • Display recent announcements (newly arrived articles for Cloud news, fault information, etc.)

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Future version upgrades for the application are scheduled. Please submit function requests and error information to SAKURA user feedback.

Operation environment

The following environment is required for operation of the currently released Android version.

  • OS: Android 4.4 or later
  • Camera function
  • Internet connection

*There are cases in which use is not possible even when meeting specifications. Also, customers are responsible for fees incurred for Internet connection, etc.

How to Use

1. Create/register API

The mobile application is used to operate resource on the cloud via API. First, create a new API key for the mobile application.

For the API key type, select [Resource Operation API Key]. For access level, select [Power Operation] or [View Resources]

*For detailed procedures for creating an API key, please refer to the :ref: API key <apikey> page.


  • Although it is possible to use API that has already been created, for safety purposes, we recommend creating a dedicated API account for the mobile application. It is possible to stop usage of individual API keys in the case of unexpected events such as losing your smartphone, etc.
  • If [View Resources] is selected for the access level, it is not possible to operate the power source within the application. Also, although it is possible to register an account even if an authority of “Modify Settings” or higher is selected, operation equivalent to an authority (“Create server,” etc.) exceeding [Power Operation] is currently not available.

2. Download application and register account

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Please use the following QR code or go to Here.

*It is necessary to register a Google account in advance.

The first time that the application is started, you must agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy stated by SAKURA Internet. After reading the information, tap the [Agree] button.

If an account has not yet been registered, a registration screen is displayed in the application.

Tap the [+] button at the bottom-right of the screen in order to operate the camera. Scan the QR code displayed on the control panel to register the account in the application. To display the QR code, click the [Display QR Code] button on the details screen for the API key that is registered on the control panel. Then, scan the QR code from the application.

Once the QR code has been read correctly, an account is added to the application.

To confirm account information details or delete an account, tap the account name.

To display the authority information registered to the account, click the [Display Authority Information] button in the permission information item at the bottom of the screen.


It is possible to register multiple accounts and switch between the account being used. Also, it is possible to add a new account or to switch between registered accounts via operation from the [Account] section of the settings screen.

3. Server operation

To display the menu, tap the icon at the top-left of the application screen. Various operations can be displayed from the menu.


You can select the zone targeted for operation or confirm fees up until the previous day.


A list of servers for the target zone is displayed.

Tap a server to display detailed information.

Click the power source button icon displayed at the bottom-right of the screen to display the power operation menu. From the menu, you can perform power operation such as startup and stoppage.


Power operation authority for the account being operated is required in order to operate the power source.

Tap [Activity] to display activity graphs for traffic, disk I/O, etc.

When switching to another zone, select the zone from the dashboard or click the icon at the top-right of the screen in order to make a direct selection from the zones displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Use SAKURA Cloud to send notifications to the customer.

  • Cloud news article
  • Notice
  • Maintenance/fault information

A list of these articles is displayed. Tap the desired article to view the main text.


It is possible to check the account settings and application information.

To switch between accounts (API keys) used to operate a server from the application, select the target account at the account screen and then click the [Select] button on the details screen that is displayed. You can also delete the registered account by clicking the [Delete] button.

Also, it is possible to browse directly inside the application from links such as for the manual site and feedback page.