Private link for Arteria

[更新: 2019年6月20日]

This page explains the technical information of the [Private Link for Arteria].

1. Overview

[Private Link for Arteria] is a service to connect your equipment and various services provided by SAKURA internet on a closed network through “VECTANT Secure Cloud Access” which is provided by Arteria Networks Corporation.

By linking with the [VECTANT Secure Cloud Access], it becomes unnecessary to arrange the line work by you, enabling connection between your system and our Internet infrastructure service within the closed network with short delivery time and at low cost.

2. Menu and prices

The service menu currently offered and the prices are as follows.

Line speed Initial cost 月額料金(税抜)
1Gbps (Shared best effort) No 1,000円

*Minimum usage period is 3 months.
*The amount of the monthly fees for 2 months will be charged in the first bill.
*We do not offer a daily rate for the first month.

3. How to apply

  • When you apply for the [Private Link for Arteria], you need to have the “Hybrid connection” contract with us.
    You can apply for the “Hybrid connection” using the application form below or apply as an additional connection point to the hybrid connection that has already been contracted with us.
  • When you apply for the “Hybrid connection,” it is necessary to prepare the switch with the service that you wish to connect with the [Private Link for Arteria].

The flow of application is as follows. After receiving your inquiry, we will send you an application form.

The flow of the application is as follows.

Application form
Please fill out the form with necessary information and mail it to the following address after printing/sealing.
Sumitomo Fudosan Nishi-Shinjuku Bldg. 33F, 7-20-1, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
SAKURA internet Inc. Documents Reception Desk
Private Link for Arteria application form

5. Other cautions

Concerning contracts

  • Hybrid connection contract is separately required to connect with each service provided by us.
  • SLA of each service connected by hybrid connection is not supported by this service.

Concerning bandwidth items

  • Because it is a shared line, the bandwidth will be offered on best effort.
  • Depending on the specifications of each service connected by the hybrid connection, there is a maximum value for communication bandwidth, and there are cases where you cannot use the bandwidth to the maximum. (For details, please confirm contract condition of each service.)

Concerning the network addresses that you cannot use

Example: In case of

IP address Application Gateway (VIP) Use with our router Use with our router
From Available with the user’s server

*At the Layer 3 gateway, we use the first three IP addresses.
*A user can only assign private IPv4 address (RFC 1918) and the prefix length is in the range from /24 to /16.
*It does not support IPv6.
*After service provision, you cannot change the network address that you entered at the time of application.

Concerning service cancellation

When you wish to cancel the service, please apply for cancellation to both SAKURA internet and Arteria Networks.

6. Related services

Other local connections and VPN connection services provided by SAKURA Internet are as follows.

Service name Details
Hybrid connection service It is a service that realizes local connection among our various services.
Private link It is a service that provides a leased line connection of 10 Gbps with your base.
External line connection service It is a service to provide the Internet VPN connection.
SAKURA dedicated server L3 VPN firewall It is a very cost-effective shared VPN firewall.
SAKURA Cloud VPC router It is a high-performance virtual appliance that supports remote access and inter-site VPN.