Creation/deletion of switch and router + switch

[Update: May 23, 2019]

This page explains procedures for creation and deletion of [Switch] and [Router + Switch].


At the control panel, you can create [Switch] and [Router + Switch] from the same switch operation screen. Click [Switch] in the [Network] category on the left-hand menu to display a list of switches and routers + switches which exist in the zone currently selected. To create a new one, click the [Add] button on the top right to display the create new screen.

At the create new screen, you can create both a [Switch] and a [Router + Switch]. To create a [Switch], ensure that [No] is selected for the [Router] item on the screen. To create a [Router + Switch], ensure that [Yes] is selected.

Creating a switch

Specify a name and description for the switch. Also, if necessary, specify a Tag or Icon for easy identification of the switch during categorization. Then, click the [Create] button to create the switch.

After you finish creating the switch, check that the switch which you created is displayed on the switch list screen.

Creation of router + switch

Procedures for specifying a name, description, etc., are the same as for when creating a switch. However, to create a [Router + Switch], ensure that [Yes] is selected for the [Router] item. When [Yes] is selected, additional settings items will be displayed below.

Please enter information and select additional settings items as follows.

Prefix Select the number of issued IPv4 address from the following options.
/28 (16 addresses)
/27 (32 addresses)
/26 (64 addresses)
*If you want to select /25 (128 addresses) or /24 (256 addresses), please Contact our company .
Bandwidth It is possible to select the line bandwidth.
*For all lines, bandwidth is shared among multiple users. Therefore, bandwidth is not guaranteed.
IPv6 address When [Enable] is selected, you can issue IPv6 addresses in addition to IPv4 address.
For details, please refer to the IPv6 adresses page.


The gateway address, etc., to the upper router are set from the range of assigned IP addresses. Therefore, not all IP addresses in the assigned IP address block can be used. The provided plan and IP addresses which can be assigned to customer resources have the following relationship.

  • /28 (16 addresses) → Number of address that can be used by the customer: 11 addresses
  • /27 (32 addresses) → Number of address that can be used by the customer: 27 addresses
  • /26 (64 addresses) → Number of address that can be used by the customer: 59 addresses
  • /25 (128 addresses) → Number of address that can be used by the customer: 123 addresses
  • /24 (256 addresses) → Number of address that can be used by the customer: 251 addresses

Adding an IP address block with the prefix "/24" or "/25"

Immediate application at the control panel is not possible if you want to specify /24 (256 addresses) or /25 (128 addresses) for the number of IP addresses issued by [Router + Switch]. Interested customers should contact our sales staff, or use the following template to apply to customer support.

利用会員ID: (例: abc12345)
利用アカウント名: (例: アカウント01)
利用ゾーン: (例: 東京第1ゾーン)
追加IPアドレスのプリフィックス: (「/25」または「/24」を記入)
帯域: (「100Mbps」、「250Mbps」、「500Mbps」、「1000Mbps」、「1500Mbps」、「2000Mbps」、「2500Mbps」、「3000Mbps」、「5000Mbps」のいずれかを記入)
作成完了希望日: (例: 2019年1月1日)


Please note that we may be unable to comply with some requests due to your usage conditions, etc.
Application is accepted from corporate customers only. For details, please contact our sales staff.
After our company finishes the work, an arbitrary switch name will be assigned. Editing of the name, description, tag, etc., should be performed by the customer after delivery.
Approximately three to five business days are required for the completion of the work after application.
We will notify the customer immediately after work has been finished. Please note that billing starts as soon as our company has finished performing work.
Customers are not able to change the bandwidth of a router + switch to which /25 or /24 has been allocated. Please contact our sales staff for more information.


Deletion procedures are the same for [Switch] and [Router + Switch].


Deletion is not possible if resources such as servers and appliances are connected to the switch, or if bridge connection is being performed. Before deletion, confirm that nothing is connected to the switch targeted for deletion by checking the [No. of Connections] at the screen listing created switches or [Bridge Connection] items, or by using Map function . If there are any connected resources, delete those resources. (If the [Delete] button is grayed out, there is the possibility that some type of resource is connected.)

Click [Switch] from the menu on the left to display a screen listing created switches and routers + switches. Select the switches which you want to delete by inserting a check into the checkbox on the left of the list. Then, click the [Delete] button at the top right.

Follow the instructions in the dialog box to perform work and finish the deletion process.


You can simultaneously delete multiple switches by inserting checks into the checkboxes of multiple switches.