Using coupons

[Update: December 14, 2018]

This page explains new application for SAKURA Cloud and coupon registration procedures.

1. Overview

In some cases, our employees distribute coupons at study sessions, seminars, and other events which are held or sponsored by SAKURA Internet. By registering the coupon code (16-digit code) printed on the coupon in the control panel, the amount listed on the coupon can be used free of charge.

If you have not yet registered as a member, please proceed from [2.SAKURA internet member registration] . If you have already registered as a member, please proceed from [5. Coupon registration].

2. SAKURA internet member registration

Access SAKURA Cloud service site.
From [Open Account] at the top of the screen, register as a SAKURA Internet member and open an account.

When registering as a new SAKURA internet member, please enter all required information in accordance with instructions on the member registration screen.
When already using services other than the Cloud, please perform member authentication from [Login] at the top right of the screen.

SAKURA Cloud requires telephone authentication to confirm the identity of the individual.
If it is your first time using the Cloud, or if you have not performed telephone authentication for other services, a screen will be displayed asking for telephone authentication.

Please direct any inquiries to our sales staff or our customer service center.
Inquiries to customer service center

3. SAKURA Cloud account registration

*If you have already registered as a member, please open [SAKURA Cloud control panel] and then log in.

If registration has been performed successfully, the screen will transition to the [SAKURA Cloud Home] screen. Click [Account Not Selected] and then click the [Create Account] option that is displayed.

Confirm the SAKURA internet Membership Terms & Conditions and the Cloud Service Terms & Conditions. Then, insert a check into the checkbox for [Agree]. Confirm the policy for handling of personal information and then insert a check into the checkbox for [Agree].

Enter the required information on the following screen and then click [Create].

Click [Return to Account List].

4. Credit card registration

You must register a credit card in order to use SAKURA Cloud.
No action is necessary if you are already using a valid credit card for other services provided by SAKURA internet.

Click [SAKURA Cloud (IaaS)].

If a valid credit card has not been registered, a dialog box is displayed prompting you to register a credit card. Click [Register Credit Card].

Follow the procedures to register a credit card.
SAKURA internet: Register/change a credit card number

5. Coupon

*If you have already registered as a member, please open [SAKURA Cloud control panel] and then log in.

Coupons are applied to individual accounts. Please confirm that you have selected the account for which you want to use a coupon.

Click [SAKURA Cloud (IaaS)].

Click [Option].
Click [Coupon] at the menu on the left.
Click [Add] at the top-right of the screen.

Enter the coupon ID and then click [Add].

The following screen is displayed. Check the information on the screen and then click [Agree and Add].

Coupon registration has been finished if the coupon ID and the remaining coupon balance are displayed.

6. Cautions


When the balance of the registered coupon reaches ‘0,’ billing will start using the registered credit card.

  • Coupons have an expiration period for registration. Coupons will become invalid if not used by the registration deadline.
  • Also, please refer to [Billing alert] in order to notice that billing has started.
  • Please carefully read cautions listed on the coupon before use.

Notification regarding remaining coupon balance

When the following conditions apply, a notification for the remaining coupon balance is sent to the email address of member ID on the 20th of each month.

  • When the coupon will expire at the end of the next month
  • When the remaining coupon balance is less than 2,000 yen as of the 20th