Discount passport

[Update: November 14, 2018]

This page provides information on discount passports for SAKURA Cloud.

1. Overview

Discount passports are a special system offered only to long-term users of SAKURA Cloud servers or private hosts.
*This section mainly lists information on servers; however, the same calculations apply for discount passports used for private hosts. When reading the explanation, please substitute private host for server as appropriate.

When purchasing discount passport usage rights, you will receive discounts on fees for the server being used. Regardless of when the usage rights are purchased, the scope of discount application includes servers that had already been created at the time of purchase. This enables flexible use of passports. For example, you can start discount application using the smallest possible configuration and then purchase additional discount usage rights for long-term servers after entering the period of stable operation. This makes it possible to reduce cost for long-term and large-scale use, all while maintaining cloud flexibility.

  • Depending on the valid period for the purchased passport, discounts are applied for billing periods of 12 months (discount rate: 20%), 24 months (discount rate: 35%), and 36 months (discount rate: 50%).
  • Discounts apply to amounts billed for accounts for which discount passport usage rights were purchased.
  • Discounts are automatically applied for the number of contracts from the billing high-ranking server without linking to specific servers (the applicable server can be confirmed from the billing screen).
  • Discounts are only applied to fees for the server itself (discounts are not applied to the disk, Windows licenses, appliances, etc.).

Example of discounts

  • The discount passport usage rights are valid from the month of purchase. There is no difference depending on the day that rights were purchased within the same month.
  • Regardless of the day on which discount passport usage rights were purchased or the time at which the server was created, when a non-expired discount passport contract exists, the servers to which discounts are applied are automatically determined based on billing.
  • For a 1-year contract, a discount is applied to billing for the 12-month period starting from the month of application. (Example: As shown in the figure above, passport usage rights purchased in August have a discount period from August to July of the next year.
  • Similarly, in the case of a 2-year contract, a discount is applied to the 24-month period starting from the month of application. For a 3-year contract, a 36-month period is used.

About the discounted server

Servers to which the discount passport is applied are automatically determined in order starting from servers with the largest billing amount at the end of the month. Discounts are applied to servers for the number of discount passport usage rights. When purchasing a discount passport, please note that the following restrictions apply. (The examples given below assume that the following conditions are satisfied.)

  • The plan must match the target plan at the time of discount passport purchase (currently provided only for 4 plans)
  • The zone must match the zone at the time of discount passport purchase (currently, provided only for 2 zones: Ishikari No. 2 and Tokyo No. 1)


Example 1: Purchasing 3 usage rights for 1-month usage at 3 servers

Discounts are applied to monthly fees for 3 servers. In this case, the amount of discount is maximized.

Example 2: Purchasing 3 usage rights for 1-month usage at only 2 servers

Discounts are applied to monthly fees for 2 servers. However, an available discount passport for 1 more servers is not applied.

Example 3: Purchasing 3 usage rights and then repeatedly creating/deleting servers during a 1-month period

Discounts for the number of purchased usage rights are applied in order starting from servers with the highest billing amount. Therefore, the discount amount is smaller than in Example 1.

2. Fees

For the discount passport, usage fees vary depending on the zone. Please refer to the service website for a table of fees for each zone.
*Only the new plan is provided in Ishikari Zone No. 1.

3. Usage flow

Purchasing procedures

 You can purchase a discount passport from the control panel.


  • Zone (contracts of zones that are currently opened are displayed)
  • Server plan (number of cores/memory volume)
  • Expiration period (select from 1, 2, or 3 years)
  • Number of contracts

Enter them and then click [Add].

*It is not possible to simultaneously purchase multiple plans with different zones, plans, and expiration periods. Please repeat purchasing procedures after changing the zone, plan, or expiration period.
*When consummating a contract for a different zone, please change the target zone from the top-left of the control panel.

  • The discount passport usage fee is a total that includes SAKURA Cloud usage fees for the month of purchase.
  • Discounts are applied when calculating the billing amount at the end of the month.
  • Before applying, please be sure to carefully read the Cautions and the Service terms and conditions.

Procedures for confirming the detailed statement of billing

You can confirm the status of applications as shown in the following example.

How to confirm the expiration period

 This section lists procedures for confirming the discount passport expiration period from the detailed statement of billing at the control panel.


*Only contracts for discount passports of the currently selected zone are displayed. To confirm discounts passports for other zones, please switch to another zone at the top-left of the control panel.

4. Price example

An example calculation is provided based on the following conditions.

  • Server plan: 4 cores, 8GB
  • Zone: Tokyo No. 1
Expiration period Discount passport
Usage fees
Monthly fees Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total ratio
Discount passport
JPY 0 JPY 9,504 JPY 114,048 JPY 114,048 JPY 114,048 Year 1: JPY 114,048
Year 2: JPY 228,096
Year 3: JPY 342,144
Year 1 JPY 11,404 JPY 7,603 JPY 91,236     JPY 102,640
Year 2 JPY 45,619 JPY 6,177 JPY 74,124 JPY 74,124   JPY 193,867
Year 3 JPY 102,643 JPY 4,752 JPY 57,024 JPY 57,024 JPY 57,024 JPY 273,715

The following graph compares the cumulative amount of normal server fees and the server usage fees after purchasing discount passport usage rights for 36 months. As you can see, the total amount decreases for long-term usage.

5. Cautions

  • Discount passports are provided for servers and private hosts.
  • This service does not guarantee reservation or possession of server resources (in some cases, startup may not be possible due to conditions such as inventory depletion, failure, etc.).
  • In the event of midterm cancellation for usage rights, the remaining amount is not refunded.
  • The plan cannot be changed after purchase of usage rights.
  • Discounts are not applied to servers that were created in zones for which discount passport contracts have not been consummated.
  • Even if the discount passport is not used, usage rights expire at the end of the expiration period.
  • Refunds or extensions are not granted even if the number of servers is less than the number of contracted discount passports.
  • The following items are not possible: midterm cancellation of the contract, refunds, or changes to the application plan/zone to the discount passport.
  • Coupons cannot be applied when purchasing discount passport usage rights.
  • Only the new plan is provided in Ishikari Zone No. 1.
  • For further details, please refer to Service terms and conditions.