[更新: 2019年7月3日]

A SAKURA Cloud prepaid method available to corporate customers


In addition to the normal deferred payment method using a credit card, corporate customers can also select a prepaid method via billing statements for SAKURA Cloud usage fees.
For corporations and other organizations, this makes budgeting easier when an advance estimate is required, etc. In the prepaid method, customers are issued a prepaid ID that is charged with the desired amount.



Detailed specifications for prepaid ID

Target services 全てのさくらのクラウドのサービスでご利用いただけます。
Expiration period 12 months from registration
Contract amount You can apply for the desired amount from JPY 10,000, JPY 30,000, JPY 50,000 or more.
How to pay prepaid fees Billing statement only
How to pay amounts in excess of the contracted amount Choose from credit card or billing statement


Application flow

In the case of prepaid payments, separate estimates are issued for each application. After you have entered the required items on the inquiry form, a company representative will create your estimate and contact you.
Please feel free to use the inquiries listed below if you have questions regarding application.

  1. Request creation of estimate

1.1 From SAKURA internet member menu, please click [Inquiry by E-mail].
1-2. From the options for service information, select [SAKURA Cloud] for the service name.
1-3. From the options for question details, select [SAKURA Cloud: Request Prepaid Estimate].
1-3. Enter the required items in the inquiry form that is displayed and then click [Next] to confirm your inquiry.

  1. An individual estimate will be issued in response to your inquiry.
  2. After confirming deposit of the prepaid amount, we will send a prepaid ID to the registered e-mail address of the customer.
  3. To start using the service, register the prepaid ID at the SAKURA Cloud control panel.
Please direct any inquiries to our sales staff or our customer service center.
Inquiries to customer service center

*3 to 5 business days may be required from deposit until issuance of the prepaid ID.

Registration method

Once you have been issued a prepaid ID, please register the ID at the cloud control panel.
You can register the prepaid ID at the coupon screen.

Registration procedures

Log in to the SAKURA Cloud control panel and then select SAKURA Cloud (IaaS).

Click [Settings] at the top-right of the control panel. Next, click [Coupon] on the left menu.
Then, click [Add] at the top-right to register the prepaid ID.

※プリペイド利用枠を超えた場合にアラート発報する クーポン・プリペイド残額アラート機能 のご利用もご検討ください。


  • Before applying for the prepaid method, advance registration as a member of SAKURA internet is required.
  • The purchased prepaid ID can only be registered for cloud accounts that are linked to the member ID which was used for payment at the time of purchase. The ID cannot be transferred to another user.
  • Regardless of the remaining balance or expiration period, the prepaid amount becomes invalid when deleting the cloud account to which the prepaid ID is registered. Also, we cannot restore the data.
  • Registration of a prepaid ID cannot be transferred from one cloud account to another cloud account.
  • When an additional prepaid ID was ordered, there is no change to the expiration period or remaining balance of prepaid IDs which are currently being used.
  • Prepaid ID must be registered to the control panel within a certain period. The prepaid amount becomes invalid if registration is not performed within this period.


If I have already created a server or other item, can I switch to the prepaid method in the middle of the month?

Yes, switching is possible.
This applies to all created contracts within the prepaid ID period. The amount after switching is offset against the billing amount for the registered month.

Can a credit card be used for prepaid payment?

After an individual estimate has been issued and a prepaid ID has been ordered, a billing statement is mailed. Please confirm the deposit method listed on the billing statement before paying. Method for immediate payment by credit card | SAKURA support information

Where can I confirm the remaining balance of the prepaid ID?

You can check the remaining balance and expiration period of registered prepaid IDs at the coupon registration screen.
This screen is updated once per day.

The total balance of my prepaid ID has been completely used and I was billed. Can I offset this amount by purchasing an additional prepaid ID?

It is possible to offset the billed amount by adding a prepaid ID within the month that the prepaid balance was completely used. Note that several business days (including making an estimate, etc.) are required for issuing a prepaid ID. Please ensure that there is sufficient time to have an ID issued.

Also, if the prepaid ID balance has been completely used and final billing was determined at the end of the month, it is not possible to apply amounts from newly added prepaid IDs to the determined billing amount.

Also, please use [Billing alert] to search for the start of normal billing due to the prepaid ID balance being completely used.