Control panel and function details

This page explains operation and functions on the control panel in detail.

Using resource manager

To use the resource manager function, click [Resource Manager] from the menu at the left of the control panel screen. This screen lists usable resource manager templates. To add a new template, click [Add] at the top-right of the screen.

For information on the resource creation method, please refer to Usage procedures.

Using/editing resource manager templates

To edit the resource manager template (tffile) or execute commands, double-click the list of template names , or click the down arrow (▼) at the right menu and then click [Details].

Template details screen

At the details screen for the template, it is possible to edit the template (tffile), execute commands (create/update/delete a resource), or confirm a log.

  • [Information]…Possible to display information related to the template being operated and change the name of the template.
  • [Log]…Confirm the logs (Terraform output) when executing a command.
  • [tfstate]…Displays management information used in resource manager (Terraform) (for expert users).

Change tffile

Click [Change tffile] to navigate to the screen for editing the template (equivalent to the Terraform configuration management file``.tf``). The template can be written in the text form of the tffile.

  • [Separate/Merge Tab]…Change the display format of the screen.
  • [Template]…Select from existing templates.
  • [Update]…Update changes to the template.
  • [Cancel]…Cancel editing.


Based on template details, create, change, or delete resources in resource manager. Click [Command] and select the appropriate menu.

  • [Plan/update]…Create and change a resource (equivalent to terraform plan and terraform apply).
  • [Refresh]…Attempts to recover the configuration file (tfstate) when there is not consistency with the existing resource due to editing of the tfstate file, mistaken manual deletion, or errors (equivalent to terraform refresh).
  • [Discard]…Delete all resources listed in the template.
  • [Change tfstate]…Directly edit the resource information file (JSON format) managed by resource manager (Terraform).


[Change tfstate] is a function intended for expert users and is not supported by this service. When used inappropriately, this function may result in mistaken deletion of resources or unintended operation.

Template deletion

To delete a template, select the applicable resource at the list screen of resource manager and then click [Delete] at the top-right of the screen.

At the next screen, if there are no problems with the selected resources, click [Delete] at the top-right of the screen.

At the final confirmation screen, click [Execute].


Resources remain even if templates are deleted. If resources are not needed, execute the [Discard] command from the [Command] menu. Once a template has been deleted, batch deletion using a command is not possible. It is necessary to delete each resource one by one.