FAQ and answers


What are the differences with Terraform?

Please refer to Differences between resource manager and Terraform.

I mistakenly manually deleted the resource created using resource manager. Can it be restored?

Similar to normal deletion of servers and disks, deleted resources cannot be restored. Although it is possible to recreate the applicable resource by using the [Update] command of resource manager, all resources (disks, servers, etc.) are recreated in the initial status.

What regions are supported?

Use is possible in the following zones: Tokyo No. 1, Ishikari No. 1, and Ishikari No. 2.


For Sandbox(tk1v), it is not possible to use some functions (for example, functions which involve changing resource settings).


Is billing incurred when using resource manager?

No additional fees are incurred when using resource manager functions. Fees are billed for individual resources such as server, disk, and switch. Also, please note that billing is incurred immediately after using items for which monthly fees are incurred (for example, router + switch).

An error occurred during resource creation. Can billing be cancelled?

It is not possible to cancel the start of billing for resources that have already been created. This is true even when resource manager processing is stopped due to reasons such as insufficient resources or manual stoppage. Please delete created resources.