Differences between resource manager and Terraform

About Terraform

Terraform とはインフラをコードで管理するためのコマンドライン・ツールです。さくらのクラウドの「リソースマネージャー」機能とは記述方法などで互換性がありますが、以下の通り一部相違点があります。

Compatible functions

  • Format of the Terraform configuration management file (HCL)
  • tfstate file format

Unusable functions

  • provider
  • provisioner
  • module
  • Resource access and automatic execution to the remote environment (for example, remote-exec in provisioner)
  • Simultaneous processing in multiple zones

Differences between Terraform for SAKURA Cloud and resource manager

Terraform for SAKURA Cloud is a plug-in (created by Kazumichi Yamamoto ) intended for Terraform that was developed as an open source by the user community. It is an officially-recognized tool of SAKURA internet.

Differences with Terraform Enterprise

Terraform Enterprise (hereinafter “TFE”) is an enterprise service provided by HashiCorp. Configuration manager and Terraform can only manage a single environment via the browser or the command line. TFE possesses a function group for joint management of infrastructure in organizations and groups. In addition to management of infrastructure resources, it is also possible to perform integrated management of multiple infrastructure conditions via the browser, to share variables among multiple environments, etc.