Server dedicated core plan

[Update: May 16, 2019]



Currently, the dedicated core plan is only provided in Tokyo Zone No. 1 and Ishikari Zone No. 2.

In addition to the normal plan in which the host server CPU core is shared by multiple virtual servers, SAKURA Cloud also provides a dedicated core plan in which a CPU core is assigned to a fixed virtual server.

Normally, the load status of virtual servers operating on the host server is periodically monitored and appropriate resources constraints are placed on virtual servers that consume large amounts of resources. This prevents overall effect on the host server. However, if the resource consumption status changes radically (for example, if load simultaneously increases for multiple virtual servers), there is the possibility that other virtual servers will be affected (for example, temporary decrease in performance). Using the dedicated plan makes it possible to prevent decreased performance in such situations and achieve more stable operation.


Unlike the CPU, a fixed dedicated area is constantly allocated to memory in each host server.
If you would like dedicated use of all resources assigned to the virtual server (including network resources), please consider Proprietary host .

Service specifications

The dedicated core plan is available in the five following types.

  • 2 CPU cores/4GB memory plan
  • 4 CPU cores/8GB memory plan
  • 4 CPU cores/16GB memory plan
  • 8 CPU cores/16GB memory plan
  • 10 CPU cores/24GB memory plan

*For information on prices, please refer to Service site .

How to use

The dedicated core plan is provided as part of the server CPU plan. Therefore, you can perform the same operations for the server as when the normal plan is selected; for example, creating new servers, changing plans, etc.

Create new server

You can display the radio button for selecting the dedicated core plan by clicking [Display Dedicated Core Plan] in the virtual core selection screen at the create new server screen.


Selection is not possible when creating a server in simple mode. Please change to Normal mode before performing operation.

Change plan

Similar to the normal plan, you can change your plan to a different dedicated core plan or to the normal plan. For information on procedures, please refer to Server plan change .


  • This plan achieves stable provision of CPU performance. In some cases, CPU performance is used for the virtual portion of the storage host or the network processing portion.
  • Similar to the normal server plan, usage fees are billed in units of run time.
  • It is possible to house a dedicated core plan server in a proprietary host. However, in this case, it is treated the same as a normal plan, not as a dedicated core.
  • In some cases, the host server housing the dedicated core plan may differ from the host server for the normal plan or the server for the proprietary host.
  • A maximum of 10 cores for the dedicated core plan can be used per account.