SAKURA Cloud is an IaaS cloud service. IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. In other words, it is a service providing resources which serve as system infrastructure; for example, virtual servers, disks, etc.

A list of servers currently being used is displayed at the [Server] menu of the SAKURA Cloud control panel . All basic operations and confirmation for the server are performed via the control panel.


This function is used to create a new server with the same structure and contents as the server and disk that are already created.


This function displays a virtual display screen that is directly connected to a server. You can enter information from the virtual keyboard and virtual mouse.

Change plan

After creating the server, you can change optimal CPU/memory specifications when necessary depending on the usage and operating rate.

Special tags

In SAKURA Cloud, you can use Tag function to categorize each resource. Also, by assigning special tags, you can change the action of the target resource.


SAKURA Cloud provides a sandbox zone. The resources created in this zone are not subject to billing and cannot be used. However, you can use the sandbox zone to verify control panel operation and API action.

Dedicated core plan

By changing to a dedicated CPU core, this server plan achieves highly stable performance that is resistant to effect from other customers.

Proprietary host

This service can perform proprietary use of the host server which stores the virtual server. This enables monopolization of computational resources without influence from other customers.

Migration of [SAKURA VPS] disk

You can migrate the contents of the SAKURA VPS disk to the SAKURA Cloud disk for use.