What is the Windows Server Plan?

[Update: May, 2019]

This section provides information on the Windows Server Plan for SAKURA Cloud. Focus is placed on network settings and other practical technical information.

Provided OS/plan

We provide the following OS versions and plans.

OS version Provided plan
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
for Remote Desktop
for Remote Desktop (with MS Office)
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition

*Only a 100GB archive is provided. Therefore, please select a disk size of at least 100GB for the installation destination.
*Installation using the ISO image disk is not possible.

About remote desktop plan

In addition to restrictions on the OS license, the remote desktop plan also have restrictions on licenses for remote desktop connection. Please refer to Remote desktop plan page .

Supplementary items

About reinstallation

  • Windows can only be reinstalled on disks where Windows is already installed.
  • Only Windows can be reinstalled on disks where Windows is already installed.

About licenses

  • For ActiveDirectory, an amount equivalent to the CAL licenses for an unlimited number of users is included in the license fees. When using ActiveDirectory, customers are responsible for adding functions and configuring settings.
  • In some cases, it is possible to bring in licenses for Microsoft products owned by the customer (for example, SQL Server, etc.). For details, please contact Microsoft Corporation.
  • At a Windows Server without a remote desktop plan, use of the remote desktop function is only permitted for administrative purposes. Therefore, use as VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) is not possible with a license.