Power operation

[Update: November 21, 2018]

This section explains how to turn on power for the server or appliance, and how to shut down a server that is currently running.


For servers which you create on SAKURA Cloud, you can turn power on and off at any time; for example, when you want to stop a server in order to add an NIC or disk, when you want to start a server which you stopped and add it to a service cluster in response to increased access, or when you want to restart a server due to unstable operation by the OS that is currently running.

This section explains procedures for operating server power.

Types of operations

The following is a list of power operations that can be performed on SAKURA Cloud.

Startup Turn on power for the server and start the server.
Shutdown This operation emulates pressing the power button of the server.
In the case of an OS that supports ACPI, shutdown processing starts and power is turned off automatically.
Forced reboot This operation emulates pressing the reset button of the server.
Regardless of the status, OS operations are stopped and startup procedures begin.
Forced stop Turns off power to the server. Power to the server is interrupted at the moment when this operation is executed.


When forced reboot or forced stop is executed, OS stop processing associated with normal shutdown operation is not performed. In some cases, due to factors such as disk inconsistencies, problems may occur the next time that the OS is booted. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use forced operations, except for when high OS load or a frozen OS makes it impossible to perform shutdown or reboot from the terminal, or to use the shutdown command at the power menu.

How to operate

First, make sure that the target server or appliance is selected. Then, perform operation from the power operation menu at the top-right of the screen.

You can also confirm the current power status by looking at the menu display.

Server status display of the menu Status of server/appliance
on Status when power is turned on.
off Status when power is non-energized.
cleaning Status when the database is being updated on the cloud infrastructure after server shutdown has been finished.
Power operation cannot be performed in this status. Normally, if you wait for a few seconds to several dozen seconds, the status will change to OFF.


You can also confirm the power status by checking the [Status] section in the information tab screen.