List of special tags

[Update: November 29, 2018]

The following is a list of tags which can be added to the server in order to use special functions. The usage method for the tags is also explained.

List of special tags

The following special tags can currently be used.

Tag Explanation
@group Groups servers and separates the operating host.
@auto-reboot Automatically reboots the server when stopped.
@keyboard-us Enables US keyboard entry at the remote screen.
@boot-cdrom Sets the priority boot device to CD-ROM.
@boot-network Sets the priority boot device to PXE boot.


After assigning or deleting a special tag, use the shutdown command, etc., to temporarily turn off power to the server and then restart the server. Changes to enable/disable the special tag function are not reflected when performing restarting operation in which power is continually supplied to the server (for example, restarting via the reboot command, etc.).


Groups the servers and separates the operating host (actual server that possesses a hypervisor for operating the virtual server of the customer) for each server. Servers which have been assigned different group name tags are operated at different hosts respectively. Use the function to sort operating hosts of servers with a redundant configuration.

When using the @group tag function, set one of the four tags listed below in order to group servers.

  • @group=a
  • @group=b
  • @group=c
  • @group=d


When servers which have been assigned this tag stop, they are automatically rebooted within a few minutes. Automatic reboot is not performed for servers that were stopped via the control panel or API.


Automatic startup is also performed when the server is stopped by using the shutdown command on the server.
In some cases, if an ISO image has been inserted, the disk OS does not start during automatic startup.


Enables entry of characters using US keyboard configuration when using VNC. When setting this tag, it is also necessary to change the key map settings on the server.


Write the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard file as shown below.



Write the /etc/vconsole.conf file as shown below.


After specifying settings, key map settings are updated when the server is rebooted. Perform settings as necessary in conjunction with assigning the tag.

@boot-cdrom / @boot-network

Sets a boot priority order for devices connected to the server. Assigning each tag results in the operations explained below.

@boot-cdrom Gives booting priority to the virtual CD-ROM drive connected to the server.
(When an ISO image disk has been inserted in the server, the virtual CD-ROM drive is automatically attached.)
@boot-network Gives booting priority to the PXE boot function for the virtual NIC of the server.


*Do not set both tags at the same time. This may cause the boot order to become unclear.

Reference: How to use tags

Tags can be assigned using the same procedures as normal tags. For details, please refer to the Tag function page.