[Update: March 29, 2017]

This page explains the startup script “Magento” for SAKURA Cloud.

1. Overview

What is Magento?

Magento is a platform for multilanguage EC sites. Magento features outstanding expandability and is increasingly used mainly in North America and Europe. By using a startup script, it is possible to automatically set up the web server and database that are required to operate Magento Community Edition.

Environment that is set up

Item Overview/version
OS Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Magento 2.1.5
Web server Apache 2.4.18
For document root: /var/www/magento/
PHP PHP 7.0.17-2
DB MySQL 5.7.17

*As of March 24, 2017

2. Usage procedures

Use the following procedures to create the “Magento startup script” and to specify settings.


Prepare a public key and secret key from Magento Marketplace.

Please register in advance as a member of Magento Marketplace.

Next, from the List, create a public key and private key. Write down the keys which you created. Keys which were previously created can also be used.

Create server.

This explanation only covers unique points which differ from the creation of normal servers.

Server creation procedures (1)

Click [Server] in the menu on the left, and then click [Add] at the top right.

When creating a server, remove the check from the checkbox for simple mode.

We recommend a server plan with 4 virtual cores and at least 8GB of memory. Please note that insufficient spec may cause installation to fail.

For the archive, select [Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS 64bit].

Server creation procedures (2): Specify the startup script.

For the startup script, select [Magento].


The following options are displayed. Enter information for each option.

Email address of the Magento admin account

Enter the email address to be used when sending notifications. Also, a login password will be sent when installation is finished.

Public key and private key from Magento Marketplace

Copy and enter the public key and secret key which were created in advance from the List of Magento Marketplace.

Install Magento sample data.

Demonstration data can be installed in order to immediately confirm the usability.

3. Recommended work after server startup

Delete the startup script.

The executed startup script is saved in the following directory. Passwords and other information are also listed, so please delete this information.

Put in “/root/.sacloud-api/notes/startup script ID/” and lower.

Please check the log if not performed correctly. For details, please refer to the Startup script page.

Check the Magento management window.

The login URL and admin ID/password will be sent to the email address which was entered. After login, we recommend changing the password.

For further details on initial settings related to Magento, please refer to “/home/ubuntu/info.txt.” After confirmation, please be sure to delete info.txt.