Terraform for SAKURA Cloud

[Update: June 1, 2017]

This page explains the startup script “Terraform for SAKURA Cloud” for SAKURA Cloud.

1. Overview

What is “Terraform for SAKURA Cloud?”

This startup script performs batch installation for the latest version of the open source orchestration tool “Terraform” for automatic building of infrastructure configuration based on the script of the template file and the plug-in “Terraform for SAKURA Cloud” for operating SAKURA Cloud. It also performs batch settings for the SAKURA Cloud API.

*“Terraform for SAKURA Cloud” was developed by the SAKURA Cloud user community as an officially-recognized tool of SAKURA internet.

Supported OS

CentOS 7.x

2. Setting items

Default zone operated by Terraform for SAKURA Cloud.
Specify the zone for default when using Terraform for SAKURA Cloud.
API key Specify the API key to be used for Terraform for SAKURA Cloud.

*It is possible to change the specified default zone.
*The API key must be created in advance using the control panel.
*Authority for creation and deletion must be assigned for the API key.

API key and zone information is set in ”bash_profile”.
Please check the above settings in cases such as when changing to an actual usage zone after testing the sandbox zone.