[Update: January 12, 2017]

This page explains the startup script “zabbix-agent” for SAKURA Cloud.

1. Overview

Startup script for easy installation of zabbix-agent

Item Overview/version
Item Overview/version
Supported OS CentOS7.x
Version Can be selected from 2.2/2.4/3.0/3.2.
IP address of the Zabbix server Entered at the time of installation. Multiple items can be specified. (Registration is not possible if this item has not been entered.)

*As of January 12, 2017

2. Usage procedures

Use the following procedures to create the “zabbix-agent” startup script and to specify settings.

Server creation procedures (1)

Click [Server] in the menu on the left, and then click [Add] at the top right.

When creating a server, remove the check from the checkbox for simple mode.

For the archive, select “CentOS7.x.”

Server creation procedures (2): Specify the startup script.

Startup script being put

Select [zabbix-agent].

Zabbix Version

Select from the pull-down menu.

IP address (ipv4) of the Zabbix server for registration

In the textbox, enter each IP address on a different line (multiple IP addresses can be specified). When not entered, installation will be performed without server registration.

Check operation.

Create a host in the Zabbix server and check that it is possible to connect to zabbix-agent.

Screen for version 2.x

Screen for version 3.x