Extension of partition size

[Update: August 17, 2017]

This page explains the extension function for partition size of SAKURA Cloud.

1. Overview

The extension function for partition size extends the partition size to match the disk size when free space exists in the virtual disk size. When multiple partitions exist in the virtual disk, only the last partition is extended.

The extension function operates under the following conditions. It is necessary to fulfill one of the conditions from 1, 2, or 3.

1. The file system of the last partition in the order must be either ext2, ext3, or ext4.
2. For disks with only one partition, the file system of that partition must be either ext2, ext3, or ext4.
3. Free space must exist in the virtual disk size.

*When the target disk is connected to the server, power to the server must be turned off.

2. Usage procedures

At the details screen for the disk, click [Other Disk Operation] and [Partition Size Extension]. In accordance with the conditions listed above, the partition is extended based on the disk size.

At the dialog box shown below, click [Execute].

If the function is successfully executed, the following message is displayed.

An error will occur if there is no free space in the virtual disk, or if the file system of the partition is not supported.

3. Usage image

The following figure is a graphical representation of the usage image for this function.

As shown below, when disk space becomes insufficient during operation of the server, it is easy to create a new disk from the existing disk, extend the partition, and connect to the server.