Is it possible to perform a load test and vulnerability diagnosis?

A load test and vulnerability diagnosis can be performed without the need to contact SAKURA internet in advance.
However, if SAKURA internet judges that the load test or vulnerability diagnosis will affect other customers or interrupt service, restrictions may be placed on testing conditions.

Is data deleted when a disk is deleted?

The saved data is automatically cleared when a disk is deleted. Please note that SAKURA internet cannot issue a certificate for the deletion trail of deleted servers or disks. For details, please refer to Section 3, Article 18 of Membership Terms & Conditions.

Does an agreement exist in the event of sudden termination of service?

Information on termination of service is defined in Section 5 (Articles 23, 24, 27, and 28) of Membership Terms & Conditions.

What is the scope of operation?

The following figure shows the scope of responsibility for each facility, service, and components.

SAKURA Cloud is a service in which root (admin) authority is granted to the customer so that the customer can perform operation and management of the server. Customers are responsible for implementing security measures for the OS and applications. Based on the Terms & Conditions and the SLA, SAKURA internet assumes responsibility for appropriate management of devices and lines for operating the customer server.

Where is data stored?

The storage destination for all data inside of disks and archives created by the customer is Japan regardless of zones.

What kind of environment is required for operation of the control panel?

Operation has been confirmed in the following environments.

OS  Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
 Newest version of Mac OS X
Browser (*1) Latest version of Firefox (browser recommended for use)
Latest version of Chrome (browser recommended for use)
Latest version of Internet Explorer
Latest version of Safari (only Mac OS X)
Other Japanese configured keyboard (89/91/106/109 configuration keyboard) (*2)

*1: It is necessary to enable JavaScript and permit cookies. *2: When using a keyboard other than those listed above, there may be inaccurate key assign for the remote screen function.

If it becomes difficult to access the control panel, the problem can sometimes be fixed by trying another browser or deleting the browser cache.
If these measures do not resolve the problem, please access inquiries page.

Is it possible to use right-click mouse operations at the remote screen?

Remote screen provided by SAKURA Cloud supports right-click mouse operations.

HTML5 mode Right-click mouse operations can be used.
VNC connection (*1) Right-click mouse operations can be used.

*1: In some cases, right-click mouse operations may not be supported depending on the type, version, and settings of the client.

Has a certain range been set for IPv4 address that can be used in the cloud?

IP addresses for shared segments and additional IP addresses belonging to router + switch are generated from the following block.

Ishikari Zone No. 1
Ishikari Zone No. 2
Tokyo Zone No. 1

How are IP addresses assigned when connecting to shared segments?

The system automatically selects and assigns unused IP addresses from among the IP address pool for each zone.
If unused IP addresses exist among IP addresses used by the customer in the past, those IP addresses are prioritized for assignment (this does not guarantee reassignment of an IP address).

Can licenses for Microsoft products be used on SAKURA Cloud?

Windows OS licenses can only be used on SAKURA Cloud if the customer possesses a Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).
SAKURA Cloud is designated as a License Mobility Partner through Microsoft Software Assurance. Please refer to the following page for information on the license mobility of your licenses.

Software Assurance for License Mobility - Microsoft

*Licenses are included in the Windows Server archives provided by SAKURA Internet. It is not necessary for customers to acquire separate licenses.

Is Windows Server provided?

Yes, Windows Server is provided. For details, please click Here.

What is the difference between hybrid connection and bridge connection?

The difference between hybrid connection and bridge connection is explained below.

  Local router Bridge Hybrid
Service overview Reciprocal L3 connection spanning member IDs, cloud accounts, and services L2 connection for switches of different services/zones
contracted using the same member ID
L2 connection among multiple service networks provided by SAKURA internet
Connection L3 L2 L2
Application Control panel Control panel Written document
Charging Added to the amount billed for SAKURA Cloud Added to the amount billed for SAKURA Cloud Billed separately from SAKURA Cloud
Supported services/centers  SAKURA Cloud
(all zones)
 SAKURA dedicated servers
(Ishikari Zone No. 1/Ishikari Zone No. 2/Tokyo Zone No. 1)
(Ishikari Zone No. 1/Tokyo Zone No. 2)
・SAKURA VPS for Windows
(Tokyo Zone No.3)
 SAKURA Cloud
(all zones)
 SAKURA dedicated servers
(Ishikari Zone No. 1/Ishikari Zone No. 2/Tokyo Zone No. 1)
(Ishikari Zone No. 1/Tokyo Zone No. 2/Osaka Zone No.3)
・SAKURA VPS for Windows
(Tokyo Zone No.3)
 SAKURA Cloud
(all zones)
 SAKURA dedicated servers
(Ishikari Zone No. 1/Ishikari Zone No. 2/Tokyo Zone No. 1)
(Ishikari Zone No. 1/Tokyo Zone No. 2)
・SAKURA VPS for Windows Server
(Tokyo Zone No.3)
 Housing
(Higashi-Shinjuku iDC/Nishi-Shinjuku iDC/Daikanyama iDC)
 Remote housing
Peer setting among different member IDs Possible
Peer setting among different cloud accounts Possible
Selling prices Initial expenses: N/A
Monthly fees: JPY 2,700
Daily rate: JPY 135
Hourly rate: JPY 12
Initial expenses: N/A
Monthly fees: JPY 2,700
Daily rate: JPY 135
Hourly rate: JPY 12
Initial expenses: JPY 5,400
Monthly fees: JPY 2,700
(no daily or hourly rate)
Period until start of service Approx. several seconds to several minutes Approx. several seconds to several minutes Approx. several days to several weeks

What should I do if I forgot my root password for the virtual server?

SAKURA internet does not keep records of root passwords for virtual servers. Please take the following measures.

  • Specify settings again to overwrite the root password by using :doc: Disk modification </storage/modifydisk/index> *1.
  • Start from the ISO image and use Rescue mode *2.
  • From the console screen, start single user mode *2.
  • Reinstall the OS *3.

*1 Supported OSs: CentOS, ScientificLinux, Debian, Ubuntu
*2 Support is not provided for Rescue mode or single user mode.
*3 When reinstalling the OS, it is also necessary to use the disk modification function.

Is it possible to add IP addresses?

The number of IP address can be selected when applying for the [Router + Switch] service. Only the numbers listed below can be used.

  • 16 addresses (/28) Monthly fees: JPY 3,456
  • 32 addresses (/27) Monthly fees: JPY 6,912
  • 64 addresses (/26) Monthly fees: JPY 13,824
  • 128 addresses (/25) Monthly fees: JPY 27,648
  • 256 addresses (/24) Monthly fees: JPY 55,296

*When adding an IP address, you must apply for [Router + Switch].
*Additional IP service is billed monthly. Settings for daily rates are not available.
*When using 128 addresses (/25) or 256 addresses (/24), please contact our sales staff.

What type of line is used?

A 100Mbps shared line. The bandwidth is best effort.

Is it possible to upgrade the line?

It is possible to use [Router + Switch]. For details, please refer to the following URL.

SAKURA Cloud service specifications - Router + Switch

Can I use a SSL server certificate?

The virtual server for SAKURA Cloud provides customers with admin authority (root authority) for the server. Therefore, it is possible to specify settings for a virtual server regardless of the authority issuing the certificate.

*The customer must acquire a SSL server certificate.

For information on alternatives to acquiring SSL server certificates for SAKURA internet, please refer to the following.


I mistakenly deleted the disk. Can it be restored?

Unfortunately, the disk cannot be restored. We recommend that customers keep a backup in case of emergency.

Can I use an original domain?

SAKURA Cloud provides DNS (Appliance) to enable settings for arbitrary zones and DNS records within zones.

I am using a server with memory of 6GB or more, but only memory up to 4GB is recognized.

Please confirm if you are using a 32-bit OS.

At a 32-bit OS, it is necessary to specify OS settings in order to recognize memory greater than 4GB. Please consider either using a 64-bit OS or specifying the appropriate OS settings.

*In some cases, memory greater than 4GB may not be supported depending on the specifications of the 32-bit OS being used.

Are packets discarded via packet filters displayed in the activity graph?

Packets discarded via packet filters do not reach the applicable server. Therefore, they are not displayed on the NIC graph in the activity.

What kind of methods are available for confirming the resource status on the Cloud?

Information that can be measured at the cloud infrastructure (for example, traffic and CPU usage rate for servers/disks created by the customer) is provided in graph format via the Activity graph function. Higher level monitoring of services/applications is possible by using the Simple monitoring service and by using the startup script Zabbix to construct a monitoring server at the cutomer side.

How does SAKURA respond in the event of an information security incident?

We will respond in accordance with the incident response procedures defined in ISMS. Furthermore, we provide notification of incidents which may impact customers via SAKURA support information, e-mail, etc.

As shown in the API document, I tried to perform API operation using curl, but it did not run successfully. What are some possible causes of the problem?

The example shown in SAKURA Cloud API document uses the standard notation for when assigning variables; specifically, :serverid and :diskid. However, when actually assigning a variable, you do not need to enter the colon (:). The colon is only included in the example to show that the item being entered is a variable.

Example of correct request


Example of failed request


I restarted a server which uses the Windows Server Plan with Office. Then, when I started Office, a license authentication wizard was displayed. What should I do?

In rare cases, starting the Office application after restarting the server causes a license authentication wizard to be displayed. The wizard states that “Microsoft Office has detected changes to the hardware on your computer.” In such cases, you can proceed by clicking the [Next] button. The wizard will no longer be displayed.

A message stating "BUG: soft lockup" is output from the kernel. How can I resolve this?

In Linux OS environments such as CentOS, there are cases in which messages like the following are output form the kernel to log files such as /var/log/messages.

kernel: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for XXs!

These messages are output when the watchdog thread for soft lockup has not been executed for a certain period of time. This will not result in problems such as stoppage of the kernel, so the message can normally be ignored. However, if the message is output frequently, you can suppress output by adding "CONFIG_LOCKUP_DETECTOR=n" to the GRUB settings file and using the grub2-mkconfig command to enable settings.

# echo "CONFIG_LOCKUP_DETECTOR=n" >> /etc/default/grub
# grub2-mkconfig